Regina Viarum

The Appian Way was the first highway in history, built by the Romans to connect Rome with the city of Brindisi located on the Apulian Coast, a strategic and military port for trade with the Middle East. It is along this road, the Regina Viarum (the mother of all roads), at the foot of mount Massico, that the wine of the Romans, Falerno, was created. Here in the town of Falciano, the Maddalena family cultivates Primitivo vines to produce their own Falerno del Massico. These old vines of more than 70 years, are wonderful living monuments, which bear perfect fruit and create unique wines. We have believed in the project since 2012 and are devoted to the idea of wine held by sibilings Maddalena, Elda and Pasquale, along with son-in-law, Pasquale Angelino: that high quality is achieved only with their own organic grapes.

Wines and territory

Falerno del Massico Primitivo DOP
Rosato Primitivo (Roccamonfina IGP)


Cantine Regina Viarum
Via Vellaria snc
81030 Falciano del Massico (CE)
Phone and fax: +39 0823 931299