A basin of river rubble gives rise to the 7 hectares of vineyards belonging to Pasquale Mitra and his wife Elisabetta, a strong couple in both life and work. A country house designed for relaxation turned into the fiery site of one of the most dynamic wineries of the Campania region. Great thinkers and visionaries, Pasquale and Elisabetta have made their life a steady revolution of ideas: from the still wines of great Mediterranean character, mainly Aglianico and Fiano, built on the idea of ​​natural wine, to the creation of the two sparkling or semi-sparkling wines, depending on the vintage. La Matta made from Fiano and Il Fric made from Aglianico have become real cult wines for enthusiasts the world over (it is not by chance that they are featured on Noma’s wine list in Copenhagen, the best restaurant in the world today). Together we began a journey of reliable production with a continuous creation of innovation that will not stop evolving. Pasquale and Elisabeth’s minds are too exuberant for us to not be intrigued by what they create, and to not follow them until their ideas take liquid shape.

Wines and territory

Aglianico, Rosso, Fiano (Cilento DOC)
Bianco, Aglianico Rosato frizzante secco
(Paestum IGT)
Vino Spumante Integrale Dosaggio Zero


Azienda Agricola Casebianche
Via Casebianche, 8
84076 Torchiara (SA)
Phone and fax: +39 0974 843244