Cantine Olivella

In 1974 at the slope of Monte Somma close to the “Olivella” spring, from which the winery takes its name, an ancient fragment of an earthenware wine jug was discovered. This is proof of the wealth of an area whose wines were some of the finest of ancient Rome on the market with Pompeii. An abbreviated inscription of “Sextus Catius Festus” is engraved on the opening of the earthenware jar along with a seal depicting a stylized leaf, similar to a heart. The seal tellingly became the logo for “Cantine Olivella”, and was modified into a wine glass. This is the perfect representation of the union between land, art and passion, namely three hearts beating in unison in the world of Cantine Olivella. Here we work the volcanic wines of the Vesuvius – Lacryma Christi, recovered varietals from Catalanesca, Caprettone and Piedirosso.

Wines and territory

Catalanesca del Monte Somma IGP
Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOC
Bianco e Rosso (Vesuvio DOC)


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