Cantina di Lisandro

How could we not be excited to collaborate in the creation of a winery? To create a winery beginning with the very concept of a what it should be, of the vineyard, of the land to drain naturally, of the wine to be produced. How could we not be excited about a man who abandoned his managerial career and devoted himself body and soul to the countryside of the Caiatine hills in the province of Caserta? For us it was easy to join Almerigo Bosco and his zealous movement. It seems like only yesterday that we started and now we have a beautiful vineyard in production and two wines on the market. Wines that have traditional names dressed with elegant labels designed by Edward Rozzo (Professor at Politecnico di Milano and Bocconi). The Red Terzarulo is a blend of Black Pallagrello and Casavecchia. Lancella, made from White Palagrello grapes, takes its name from the enamled earthenware jug used to serve wine fresh from the cellar, pulled right from the barrels. Il Cimmarino is a single-variety wine made from Casavecchia. Cantine Lisandro is a thank-you to Almerigo’s grandfather, Alessandro, who vinified and sold huge quantities of wine in his basement in the village of Casola di Caserta, but it is also an ambitious project already underway. An all-around cultural wine center in a beautiful corner of unspoilt land that will lead to the production of wines under the brand Poderi Bosco.

Wines and territory

Pallagrello Bianco, Pallagrello Nero, Casavecchia (Terre del Volturno IGT)


Cantina di Lisandro – Poderi Bosco
Via Giaquinto, 13
81100 Casolla di Caserta (CE)
Phone: +39 0823 386765
Mobile: +39 335 1210770