Vignaviva offers services and expertise designed
to maximize the highest qualitative potential
of each wine-growing area

Viticulture lies at the center of all our partnerships. We believe its aim should be to improve the agricultural environment, allowing the full potential of the wines to emerge. In turn, Winemaking must support this philosophy by respecting the raw materials and the land. Those Viticulture practices attentive to the biological activity of the soil produce grapes rich in nuances that will then come to be found in our wines: the soil therefore plays a fundamental role in the expression of a wine terroir together with the climate and man’s intervention.

We believe the grapevine is the interpreter of the land in which it lives and we intend to practice Viticulture in its purest form, according to a secular and modern vision. Our Winemaking technique is based on solid knowledge, is enhanced with experience and acute observation, and is the culmination of a meticulous agronomic effort.
It is keen attention to detail, the interpretation of a vintage, it is intuition, simplicity, but at the same
time it is technical vision and in-depth scientific analysis.

The wines we contribute to producing are the expression of a particular terroir, distinguishable, and pleasing to both the palate and the body. We like to think of wine as a natural, informal pleasure, accessible and familiar but at the same time the result of an insightful and well-understood merging of Agronomy and Enology. We partner with wineries to produce wines that are the expression of man, the territory and the grape variety, and that find their place in those markets with an eye for the highest quality agricultural products.


From the cellar to the vineyard
we’ve seen it all

From White to Red by way of Rosé,
from bubbles to the golden grapes of sweet wines.

  • Vineyard and cellar planning.
  • Assessment of qualitative potential of current vineyards.
  • Ampelographic identification.
  • Restoration of old vineyards utilizing specific, highly preservative techniques.
  • Complete vineyard management consultancy services.
  • Vineyard and cellar worker training.
  • Analytical supervision of land and wines.
  • Complete wine production and aging consultancy services.
  • Chemical-microbiological and sensory consultancy services.
  • In-house micro-vinification and research.
  • Result assessment through a qualified tasting panel.
  • Viticulture and enology consultancy services for wineries specializing in organic and biodynamic wines.
  • Customized consultancy services for the production of sparkling wine following the Classic Method with our Vignaviva Perlage project, developed through an exclusive partnership with French enologist Paul Guyard.