Medals at Biodivino: hardwork always pays off

Three silver medals were awarded to wineries in the Vignaviva group, managed by Fortunato Sebastiano in collaboration with Gennaro Reale, at the 9th annual Biodivino 2013, the national competition for organically farmed wines organized by the Città del Bio.

The winners were Boccella in Castelfranci (Avellino) for their 2007 Sant’Eustachio Taurasi, Casa di Baal in Montecorvino Rovella (Salerno) for their 2001 Bianco di Baal and Viticoltori Migliozzi in Casale di Carinola (Caserta) for their 2008 Rampaniuci. Special mention was given to Boccella’s 2008 Rasott.

These awards follow other recognitions received at the regional selections of Biodivino in Campania, held at Castel dell’Ovo in Naples, which preceeded the national competition. Two awards were granted in the category of ‘No Added Sulfites’: the first award went to the winery Il Sentiero del Riccio in Sicignano degli Alburni (Salerno) for their 2010 Paestum IGT Rosso “Panormo” and the award for best enologist went to Fortunato Sebastiano. Honorable mention was given to the 2011 Colli di Salerno IGT “Bianco di Baal” from Casa di Baal in Montecorvino Rovella (Salerno), the 2011 Paestum Fiano IGT “Cumalè” from Casebianche in Torchiara (Salerno) and the 2009 Paestum IGT Rosso “Adelà” from Il Sentiero del Riccio in Sicignano degli Alburni (Salerno).

These accomplishments are the result of years of Vignaviva’s relentless commitment to sustainable Viticulture and varietal Winemaking.

Orangically vital viticulture is attentive to the biological activity of soil, plants and the complex system in which they interact, and is able to produce grapes rich in nuances and character, and distinguishable wines.

To intensify these aspects and to continue the work of improving the soils of these wineries, today, after many years of study and in-depth analysis with leading international figures such as Carlo Noro, Leonello Anello and Alex Podolinsky, many wineries in the Vignaviva group fully manage their vineyards biodynamically under the supervision of winemakers Sebastiano and Reale.

Biodynamics is the choice for agriculture of the future. It allows the diversity between terroirs to be expressed by nourishing the soils and by developing the agricultural awareness of the grape grower, applying it throughout the respective agricultural structure, and thus guaranteeing the wholeness of the product, in terms of the health of mankind and the earth.