For the second year Vignaviva has partnered with Fertenia

We have integrated PhytoFortifiers from Fertenia, a company based in the Campania region of Italy, into our organic vineyard management plan. Fertenia is recognized the world over for quality products, and we are relying on the high quality raw materials contained in the mixtures for our work.

In accordance with the agricultural policy guidelines of the European Union, Fertenia produces Nutralia, a product line dedicated to safeguarding and respecting the environment, created with the health and well-being of our families in mind. The product line is aimed at those farms whose objectives include the reduction of residues in agricultural products and the improvement of production and quality standards.

Passion for innovation and respect for the environment has led the Conza family to carefully select and research new nutraceutical substances, plant-based extracts and essences, macerated herbs, and protein hydrolysates of vegetable origin.

The goal is to develop products that ensure the improved health and nutritional state of plants, as well as better management of soil fertility. With the Nutralia product line we intend to contribute to and support the biological renewal of soils and the natural control of the development of phyto and physiopathologies.