We love wines that surprise us,
those that excite us and make us smile.

Fortunato Sebastiano

Enologist, expert in Agro-enology. He founded Vignaviva in 2003 and oversees all activity. Registered in the Assoenologi AEEI/ Union Internationale des Oenologues n.4684 and in the Agro-technicians graduates.


I come from one of the most renowned wine-producing regions in Italy, Irpinia; wine is part of my boyhood. One day, in the mid-90s, I came to realize that Enology could be a very fascinating career path. I was in the Marche region with a vineyard in need of restoration before me, trying to help out. Some time after that, I graduated from the Department of Agrarian Studies at the University of Pisa in Viticulture and Enology with a thesis on Fiano. In 2003, after a series of professional experiences around Italy and study trips abroad, I founded Vignaviva, a place to discuss and develop the wineries that I began to oversee. I never stopped researching and studying European viticulture. I’ve raised a glass with people from thousands of experiences. I have come to know organic farming, biodynamics, respect for others and their differences, microbiology, millions of ways to make wine (because wine is made), and the mysteries of light and soil. I put myself out there with every project I take on, never forgetting that wine is alo conviviality.


+39 338 5691239

Gennaro Reale

Enologist, expert in Agro-enology. He has been the other half of Vignaviva since 2007. Registered in the Assoenologi AEEI/ Union Internationale des Oenologues n.5122 and in the Agro-technicians graduates.


I decided to study Enology almost by chance, having been born in an area not at all renowned for viticulture, the lower Ciociaria region (Lazio), and in those years when industrialization had almost completely eradicated every last trace of the peasant farming that remained. Perhaps it was this, unknowingly, that made me give up my childhood dream of becoming an engineer and completely change direction, toward a new and still unfamiliar world. I must confess though that there came a point when the passion for wine and the world that surrounds it literally engulfed me, surely thanks to those wonderful people I met and with whom I drank, worked, and had a good time with over the years. Curiosity and the endless desire to discover and deepen my knowledge has drawn me to organic and biodynamic farming, to continuously take study trips around Italy, France, Spain and Portugal and in 2007 to embrace the idea of ​​a place for discussion and professional development, Vignaviva. Now I could not imagine my life without wine.


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