We specialize in Agro-enology

Our winemaking technique is enhanced with experience and acute observation,
and is the culmination of a meticulous agronomic effort.

Viticulture must aim to improve the agricultural environment, allowing the full potential of the wines to emerge. Winemaking must support this philosophy by respecting the raw materials and the land.

We like to think of wine as a natural, informal pleasure, accessible and familiar but at the same time the result of an insightful and well-understood merging of Agronomy and Enology.

We partner with wineries to produce wines that are the expression of man, the territory and the grape variety, and that find their place in those markets with an eye for the highest quality agricultural products.

In Castelfranci


In Montecorvino Rovella

Casa di Baal

In Galluccio

Masseria Starnali

In San Michele di Serino

Villa Raiano

In Casale di Carinola


In Tramonti


In Maschito

Musto Carmelitano

In Sant'Anastasia

Cantine Olivella


Consultants in Agro-enology

Fortunato Sebastiano

Winemaker and Agro-technician, expert in Agro-enology. He founded Vignaviva in 2003.

+39 338 5691239

Gennaro Reale

Winemaker and Agro-technician, expert in Agro-enology. He has been the other half of Vignaviva since 2007.

+39 338 4429384